Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why I don't do New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions—bah humbug to them!

I never understood the point of New Year's resolutions. It seems kinda arbitrary. Oh, the year is ending; I'd better decide to change a part of my life for the better. Why only do that on January 1?

Sure, making healthier diet and exercise choices is timely after doing the holiday food decathlon. But is that really a resolution? Or is it more of a decision to get back on track after a brief gluttonous stint?

Instead of making one choice on on one day, I prefer to make (try to make) incremental improvements throughout the year. If, through reflection, or by my wife asking, "Do you really need that mixing bowl full of ice cream?", to which my answer is, "Pass the chocolate syrup," I realize a need to change something for the better, I prefer to do it sooner rather than later. Well, after the bowl of ice cream anyway.

If, through an examination of conscience, I see a need to shed a vice and strive for virtue, I needn't wait for the calendar to change. As St. Paul said, now is the acceptable time (cf 1 Cor 6:2). Now is the acceptable time to respond to St. Pope John Paul II's universal call to holiness so that we may become perfect images of God (cf Mt 5:48).

If you insist on making a New Year's resolution. I hope you stick to it. Better yet, I hope you make several resolutions to be a better spouse, parent, co-worker, etc. many times throughout the year.

Have a blessed New Year, one and all.

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